This is a guitar arrangement and elaboration of an Elizabethan love song called "Turtle Dove". I learned this song from a record my parents had when I was a child. When I checked with them after recording this, I discovered that my recollection of the melody had been imperfect. My parents didn't remember the tune perfectly either, and neither of us could come up with many lyrics. The following is what I remembered:

Fare thee well my dear, I must be gone
And leave you for a while
If I will away, I'll come back again
If I go ten thousand miles, my dear
If I go ten thousand miles

I also thought the tune was called "Ten Thousand Miles", after the lyric I remembered. The tune to the original "Turtle Dove" differs from what I came up with from childhood memories. Also, the second guitar is my invention, and changes the base tune quite a bit. For those reasons I consider this to be at least 50% my composition. Fortunately I don't have to deal with a copyright holder to get permission to slice and dice this tune. Perpetual copyright is the deadly enemy of folk music

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