As if I knew.

This is a love song to my ex-wife, written 10 years after her death.

Used to speak my mind a lot, fearlessly declaim Careless of how cruel that could be Pushing truth on everyone, an elaborate game 'cause you know, the truth will set you free Set you free

Never looked inside myself to find confusion there Lies that I whispered into my own ear Blind and deaf to everything outside my point of view Hid behind walls made of glass that everyone saw through All but me saw through

Now I hold my tongue a lot, diplomatically Mindful of the damage I can do Speaking out of anger, fear or jealousy That's not the path to see us through See us through

What's the truth to me and you? It's more than just one side Conversation made of love and tender compromise Kindness, patience, gratitude, generosity All of these and love my darling, will set our truth free Set it free

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